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Installing Solar Panels For Your Company

Mypower design, supply and install award winning solar photovoltaic (PV) systems which enable you to generate your own electricity and help your company to reduce its long term energy costs. This year (2020) sees us celebrate our 10th anniversary.  Commercial solar power is flourishing and we continue to see significant growth in enquiries, with commercial and industrial customers seeing real short and long term environmental and commercial benefits of installing their own solar PV systems.

Covid 19 - Mypower is continuing to operate in line with government advice. We are taking the advice on social distance and operating with the team working from home. We can provide an initial desktop survey (no in-person meetings required) and a budgetary estimate that is typically within 5% of the final price. This budget estimate will demonstrate the value that solar PV can bring your business now and for the long term. Please get in touch on 01242 620894 or info@mypoweruk.com. We wish all of our customers well during these extremely challenging times.

Around 40% of Britain’s energy was generated from renewable sources in 2019 - solar in particular is continuing to break records. This is no surprise, as onsite solar generated electricity typically costs 1/3 of grid supplied electricity. More and more people are installing solar panels for their companies and are reaping the huge benefits offered by solar PV.

With a Mypower solar PV installation, businesses are able to take control of their own electricity supply from the roof or grounds of their premises. Solar panels for companies provide a reliable flow of low-priced electricity to use on site. Mypower are highly experienced with, Commercial solar panels, Agricultural, Industrial and Community solar installations, including roof, ground mount and bespoke solutions.

Any size business can feel the significant benefits solar PV offers. High energy use businesses such as food manufacturers, transport and logistics companies and those with refrigeration and storage warehouses can considerably reduce their electricity overheads. Other advantages include energy security and substantial carbon footprint reductions which for some of our customers have secured new highly valuable contracts for them. Read about our business solar panel service.

With solar PV you are effectively able to forward buy your electricity at around 5 pence per unit, a figure that includes estimated Operations & Maintenance costs. This cost compares with a rate of 14 to 15 pence per unit from the grid – a significantly higher cost. Not only is solar energy much cheaper, you can protect your businesses from the inevitable electricity price rises.

Energy independence

Reducing your reliance on the grid guards your company from blackouts. The National Grid has already warned UK businesses to be more cautious with their energy use otherwise they will have to impose electricity sanctions because they cannot support demand. This demand is set to grow with the rapid uptake of electric vehicles. By installing solar panels on your business premises your company would able to generate its own energy from the roof.

Lowering your carbon footprint

Climate Emergencies are being declared on a national, regional and local level, now is the time to act to drive your businesses' carbon emissions down. With a Mypower solar PV installation, companies will be able to demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable future and gain competitive advantages over peers when tendering for business. Mypower offer a detailed monitoring system which can be used to display energy production and CO2 savings in the reception area, showcasing your installation and its benefits.

About Mypower?

Mypower is dedicated to giving every customer the same quality service time after time. We receive the majority of our business from customer referrals, which is why we take so much pride in customer care. We will handle every stage of the operation and update you every step of the way. We understand company owners and managers are very busy people and don’t want to be bogged down with paperwork so we will handle all of that for you from the beginning of the process to the end.

Over the last 8 years, Mypower have designed, project managed and installed over 38,000 panels (10mW+) more than 250 jobs with an average job size of approximately 50kW. Over 90% of which have been roof top installations, with the remainder being ground based where there hasn't been appropriate roof space available.

We source the highest quality inverters, mounting frames and solar panels for industrial buildings, commercial buildings and agricultural buildings to ensure they perform year on year. Mypower will design the system for you to ensure your company gets the most it possibly can out of the solar panels.

Mypower’s solar PV installations come with panel warranties of 25 years; therefore your company would be guarded against future energy price increases for a long time ahead. A five year warranty is provided on all our installations for extra assurance.

Solar panels remain a compelling investment for the business sector. For good, honest advice please get in touch and we’ll be pleased help.

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