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Welcome to Mypower - Solar panel experts

Solar Panels For Businesses

Mypower design, supply and install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems which enable you to generate your own electricity from sustainable systems.

With a Mypower solar photovoltaic (PV) installation, businesses are able to take control of their own electricity supply from the roof of their premises. Solar panels for businesses provide a reliable flow of low-priced electricity to be used on site. Mypower are highly experienced with, Commercial, Agricultural, Industrial and Community installations, including roof, ground mount and bespoke solutions.

Recent findings concluded that having an efficient yet cheap energy system is essential for most businesses in order to be profitable. A high quality solar PV system ticks these boxes. Installing solar panels for businesses is a cost cutting exercise as well as providing a more efficient, reliable and greener method of sourcing electricity. Read about our commercial solar panel service.

With solar PV you are effectively taking away some of the power, energy suppliers hold over you. If you want to forward buy your electricity at around 5 to 6 pence per unit then a solar PV system is the way ahead. This cost compares with a rate of 8 to 15 pence per unit from the grid – a significantly lower cost. 

Lowering your carbon footprint

A low carbon footprint is so important for businesses in the modern world. With a Mypower solar PV installation, businesses will be able to display their commitment to a sustainable system, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions.  Solar panels for businesses will help with any inspections relating to CO2 levels and energy efficiency requirements. Customers also like to see a low carbon footprint, so if you are competing for business, your solar PV system can give you the edge.

A detailed monitoring system can not only be used to detect any faults that may occur, but can also be used to display energy production and CO2 savings in the reception area of a business, show casing your installation and its benefits.

There is of course a significant cost to installing a solar PV system; however because of all of the benefits that it provides, it is a desirable addition to the property, adding value to the building as a whole. A future purchaser will like the fact electricity is generated on site rather than it being purely supplied by the more expensive grid.

About Mypower?

Mypower are a small team dedicated to giving every customer the same quality service time after time. We receive the majority of our business from customer referrals, which is why we take so much pride in customer care. We will handle every stage of the operation and update you every step of the way. We understand business owners and managers are very busy people and don’t want to be bogged down with paperwork so we will handle all of that for you from the beginning of the process to the end.

Over the last 6 years, Mypower have designed, project managed and installed over 30,000 panels (7,500kW) across 175 jobs with an average job size of 43kW. Over 90% of which have been roof top installations.

We source the highest quality solar panels, inverters and mounting frames for businesses to ensure they perform year on year and to make sure they last. Mypower will design the system for you to ensure your business gets the most it possibly can out of the solar panels.

Mypower’s solar PV installations come with panel warranties of 25 years; therefore businesses are guarding themselves from future energy price increases for a long time ahead. A five year warranty is provided on all our installations for extra assurance.

We pride our work on the experience and excellence we bring to every customer we meet. We’re a small personable team offering high quality products at competitive rates. 85% of our business comes from referrals from our own customers and their recommendations.

We will take care of the entire process, from initial survey and feasibility studies through to commissioning. We deal with all of the paperwork which will connect your PV solar panel system to the grid and, in addition to the product warranties issued, we also provide a five year warranty on all our installations. 

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