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Solar PV Monitoring

Loss of production = Loss of money


Mypower’s fully interactive solar monitoring systems provide data on system status and output performance every 15 minutes.This will allow you to view the status of the system remotely and track actual production against predicted performance data of your argicultural, commercial or industrial solar power system.

The system will automatically alert you should an error occur with a single inverter or if the system stops working as a result of a trip, or power loss. This will detail the exact fault and the status of the affected inverter, this feature will minimise down time of the inverter and assist in diagnosing any issues remotely.

Peace of mind

The monitoring system will provide you with peace of mind and protect your investment at the same time. Even a modest 50 kW system can lose over £350 per week in the summer if it is not working.

Whilst you may notice a total system failure, would you really notice a drop in yield due to a partial failure, which could significantly add up over weeks, months or even years?

Mypower recommend remote monitoring on all systems which are not fully checked at least twice a week and on all systems of 50 kWp or over. With 50 kWp monitoring system prices from £899 installed, why wouldn’t you?

Data display

The live data feed can be viewed on a PC, Laptop or iPhone. There is a huge amount of valuable data which can be accessed via the software platform.

Here are some examples of data available from the system at Mypower’s head office.

Screen shot showing total daily production against budget predictions - 12.71% up

Screen shot showing hourly production of each inverter


Display overview

On the roof of the Mypower head office we have a 50kW system. Click on the computer image on the left to view a live feed of our system production. This simple to read page can be displayed on any screen which many customers have found useful for marketing & staff information purposes. We proudly display this in our reception for visitors to see and to remind staff to think about their energy use.

Setting up

Mypower can retrospectively set up monitoring for any panel and inverter brand. We have a number of options from self-monitoring through to complete management by Mypower.

For further information and advice please contact us on 01242 620894 or email info@mypoweruk.com