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Constructing a commercial or agricultural building?

If you are planning to construct a new commercial or agricultural building, now is the time to plan the installation of solar PV. By installing solar PV as a part of your new build process, or even when replacing a roof, you will save a considerable amount of money when compared to a retro-fit scenario. Solar PV can reduce your electricity costs by 50 to 70% and gain around a 15% return on investment. Sounds too good to be true? It's not – look at our case studies, see the evidence & talk to our customers!

Solar PV offers...

•    Electricity at around 1/3 of the price you currently pay
•    Fixed price electricity for 25 years at 4 to 5 pence/unit
•    Return on investment of 15%+
•    Average payback 5-7 years
•    Reduce your carbon footprint
•    Cash flow positive with asset finance in as little as 12-24 months
•    Clean fuel for electric vehicles

In engaging at an early stage design considerations can be included that may influence design principles, such as building layout, when and where to include skylights, and size and availability of electrical connections.  

Other costs can be minimised, by selecting the most cost effective roof covering for solar, and covering any requirements for planning and structural assessments as part of the main project.  

At installation stage, roof-top safety and access costs are also minimised as you are only incurring this once as a part of the main construction.

Rocket Rentals, a Gloucestershire based plant hire business, approached Mypower at an early stage for advice on how to maximise their return from solar PV on their planned new building.  

Rocket Rentals engaged with Mypower prior to construction of their new commercial premises, saving on installation costs. 

Getting Mypower involved at this early stage meant we could provide advice on points to consider during the design and build process which would benefit Solar PV and help save on installation costs. Details such as electricity connection, the timing of the solar install with existing scaffolding and netting in place as well as design and layout all saved them money.

Simon Tomblin, Managing Director, Rocket Rentals commented, "As we have expanded the business, our power costs have increased. With solar offering cheaper electricity, a good return on investment and the commercial benefits of being a "green" plant hire company, it was not a difficult decision to make. The solar will also really help us towards our ISO 14000 accreditation.

We were very pleased with the first installation Mypower did for us in 2011 and had no qualms in asking them to quote for the industrial solar panels for our new building. The upfront advice received from Mypower was very helpful and their involvement with Western Power Distribution saved us some money. Ben worked with us every step of the way to dovetail the installation in with the erection of the new building, saving us money on access and scaffolding. He was very professional in all that he did, taking control but keeping us fully informed throughout the project and dealing with all the paperwork. The installation team were friendly, helpful and flexible with all going to plan and the deadlines being met."

If you are designing a new commercial property or bringing an old one up to the 21st Century, and want to find out how much Solar PV electricity can save your business in the future and how you can reduce installation costs, please get in touch. We are an award winning team offering friendly honest & professional advice about Solar PV and its benefits. For our brochure on installing Solar PV on new builds please call us on 01242 620894 or email info@mypoweruk.com and we’ll be happy to help.