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Tesla will soon face serious EV competition from Porsche

New EVs and hundreds of ultra-fast chargers will be up and running from Porsche by the end of 2019...
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Gas, nuclear and coal generators told to produce less electricity this summer

Surging output from solar and wind generation is the reason behind this...
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British Gas is increasing the cost of energy by 5.5% this month

The cost of grid electricity keeps on going up as solar gets cheaper...
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VW is still dealing with the fallout from #dieselgate in the US

Cheating emissions has proved an expensive hobby...
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Audi is joining the all electric club with a new SUV

This looks like a conventional Audi but with clever extras...
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UK electricity demand being generated by renewables just keeps growing

Almost a third of UK electricity in 2017 was produced by renewables...
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Saudi Arabia is going to build the world's largest solar project

Even in oil rich Saudi Arabia, solar is becoming a driving force...
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National Grid planning a network of superfast chargers at UK motorway services

The speed of these chargers are comparable with the time it takes to fill an ICE car...
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California is racing towards a solar future

Simple market economics is driving solar forward on America's west coast...
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Porsche and Daimler Benz increasing EV commitments

Porsche is using its dealer network to roll out superfast chargers...
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UK industry pays 33% more for electricity than the rest of Europe

Businesses can combat this by installing solar PV...
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Former Energy Minster pleas for government to bankroll expensive Swansea tidal lagoon

With off-shore wind and solar costs continuing to fall, we have no need for this right now...
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A compelling business argument for solar

Huge savings to be made over 25 years...
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The potential for solar across Africa is huge

Cheap solar and constant sunshine make for huge potential...
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UK's reliance on imported gas could soon backfire

A spike in gas prices pose a threat to the UK’s energy landscape...
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Fuel forecourt operators have a serious choice to make with EV charging

Unfortunately there is still a collective sticking of heads in the sand...
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Mypower shine to win another Solar energy award

Mypower win Commercial Rooftop Solar PV Project of the Year Award...
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Germany, Austria and Norway to have 400 ultra fast charging stations by 2020

This will trump Tesla’s supercharger network...
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Rising electricity costs needn't worry those with solar

An over-reliance on international imports is set to increase costs further...
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BP respond to Shell's move in the EV charging market

The response is interesting to say the least...
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