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Businesses look to renewable energy

We know that renewable energy is becoming more mainstream but it’s still nice to have the trend confirmed.  Bruton Knowles is  the latest commercial property agent to spot the obvious appeal of renewable energy to commercial landlords.  The cost of heating and lighting warehouses,  office blocks and retail developments are rising faster than other overheads.  Buildings which have energy generating capacity installed are going to be more attractive to potential tenants and will achieve higher rents.  The yield boosting effects of feed-in-tariff income from commercial solar or RHI payments from bio-mass systems won’t be lost on shrewd property owners either….

Published by:  thisisgloucestershire.co.uk

THE rise in energy prices is prompting businesses across the South West to consider installing their own renewable energy, such as solar panels and wind turbines, according to property specialist Robert Smith from Bruton Knowles in Gloucester.

Energy is now a significant cost after price hikes of 10.4 per cent by npower, 9.2 per cent by British Gas and 4.5 per cent by Co-op energy.

Mr Smith said: "Investing in renewable energy used to be seen as something quirky and nice to do. Now it makes sound business sense to consider it. Investing in renewables gives companies the opportunity to protect themselves against the rising cost of energy and assists in creating the right mix of energy production the UK needs to invest in."

He said press reports associating this year's increases to the imposition of Green Taxes were also interesting.

"It is worth looking at this in more detail. The hike in price rises is mostly down to the rising costs in wholesale energy prices and investment in the grid. In addition, we should remember that some of the green taxes go to make up energy saving measures that are designed to benefit the less well-off and older.

"We need to be clear that one of the best ways to fight future energy bill rises is to invest in renewable and energy efficiency in order to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. The renewable energy argument makes even more sense when you put it into context with our coal-fired power stations which are nearing the end of their useful life. "

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