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A future where homes and businesses produce and store their own electricity and sell surplus to others is within our grasp

We’ve long been of the view that state control of energy supply is not a good thing and the current problems National Grid is experiencing to keep the lights on is a consequence of muddled and inconsistent policy from politicians of varying shades. This report from the free market think tank The Adam Smith institute creates a picture of what could happen if we ditch the statist, production led, centralised generation model. A future where homes and businesses produce and store their own electricity and sell surplus to others is within our grasp and will not require the government to mortgage our children to Chinese nuclear interests...

City AM reports on the study here.

We actually think that fast moving technologies around energy storage and smart metering will make this a reality regardless of government attempts to cling to the old ways. We have enough electricity generating potential in this country from wind and solar to meet our total needs. Storing the excess when the wind blows and the sun shines for use when they don’t has traditionally been the weakness for increased deployment of renewables. Effective battery storage, on a small, domestic scale right up to large commercial applications will deal with the generation/consumption mismatch.

We’re ahead of the curve on this and if you want to discuss what commercial and competitive advantages this presents for your business, come and talk to us.

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