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Electric cars are our future – Europe needs to commit

Michiel Langezaal, CEO of electric car charging station manufacturer, Fastned makes a compelling and upbeat case for the future of electric motoring in an article posted last month. He compares the breakthrough of electric cars in a similar vein to that of the wheel, steam engine and aeroplane. Whether they can be put in the same bracket as these inventions or whether the electric car is simply a form of motor vehicle evolution is up for debate but the development of electric vehicles is certainly getting stronger and in the years to come they will be a normal part of everyday life.

The Autowende as Langezzal calls it, is the impending shift from fossil fuels and combustion engines to electric vehicles powered by renewable sources. With strict emission regulations hitting petrol and diesel car manufacturers harder than ever, it’s no wonder the likes of Aston Martin, BMW, Nissan and Toyota have started to manufacture emission free electric vehicles.

With the combustion engine seemingly coming to the end of its lifespan and heading down a steep slope, coming the other way and zooming passed it is the electric vehicle. With regulators forcing car manufacturers to make their cars cleaner all the time, developing new ways to do this will only make fossil fuel cars dearer. Consumers will then be attracted to a different type of car – a car which is only going to get cheaper as its popularity rises.

This is just the beginning of the electric car, who knows the potential that these vehicles could reach with continual development. Put a puddle of oil next to an electric charging point and ask anyone which they one they think has more potential going forward. Creative minds have managed to do wonders continually developing vehicles run on fossil fuels but it is a limited source – electricity could take driving to a whole new level.

Europe needs to reinvent three industries to keep up with the world on this:
1.    car manufacturers building electric vehicles;
2.    battery manufacturers producing batteries;
3.    the ‘Shells of the future’ delivering clean and cheap renewable energy to these cars.

All of these are in motion but more need to commit.

Langezaal believes this could be the next trillion dollar industry. We think he’s on to something..

Read the full article at Clean Techica.

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