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Investment bank Jeffries point out that the UK's capacity for generating electricity may fall short at peak demand next winter

As we enter the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness and the mornings and evenings seem darker, it’s time for some timeless autumn traditions. Small boys throwing sticks at conkers, couples arguing over the thermostat and a warning that our lights are going to go out. This time it’s investment bank Jeffries which points out that the UK’s capacity for generating electricity may fall short of the amount needed at peak demand next winter.

CityAM has the story here...

This isn’t exactly a scoop; most people, those in government excepted, have known this for years that this is what happens when an energy policy driven by carbon obsessed ideology starts shutting coal fired plants without replacing them with anything. What is interesting about this is that although a huge amount of conventional generating capacity has been taken off stream, wholesale prices for electricity have not ticked upwards. This would suggest that the energy lost from coal plants has been replaced by renewable means.   This is great news; electricity from the wind or the sun doesn’t require any more coal imports. Or gas imports.  Or costly follies like Hinckley Point.

As electricity storage technology advances, we really will see solar energy replace centrally generated energy and there will be a two tier market for electricity; as the amount of kWhs being distributed by (a very expensive) grid declines, the price per distributed kWh will go up. Those dependent on the grid will have to pay it. Those who generate and own their own energy will not. Make sure your business is on the right side of the line by talking to us...

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