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Renewables would produce our electricity demand quicker and more cheaply than Hinkley C

Leaving aside the entirely reasonable concerns about reactor safety, the involvement of the Chinese state, the financial travails of EDF, the question of where we store all the nuclear waste it produces and the bonkers subsidies being thrown at it, there is now an increasingly vocal argument that we just don’t need Hinkley C.

We should bear in mind that this whitest of white elephants would only produce 7% of our electricity demand - 3.2GW. And then, not for a decade by the time its actually built, by which time we could have installed enough wind and solar generating capacity to produce the same output. This is the considered view of the Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit which argues that use of existing renewable technologies, more interconnectors to buy surplus wind energy from Scandinavia and increased, smaller scale gas generation, would provide those 3.2GW more quickly and much, much more cheaply.

Theresa May is expected to make a final decision whether to continue this fiasco or to have the dog put down. We hope she does the right thing.

You can read the article here..

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