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The Times - solar is going to replace hydrocarbons on a macro and micro economic level

Bullish front page piece in today’s Thunderer setting out some themes which we’ve been banging on about for some time; that solar is going to replace hydrocarbons on a macro and micro economic level.

The way we produce, use and store energy is going to change beyond recognition. Central power generation with expensive and inflexible gird distribution will wane. Removing dependence on hydrocarbons will make a huge difference to the economic prospects for countries such as the UK which have diminishing or no oil and gas reserves. Military and political resources used to protect overseas oil supplies can be stood down and the funds used for positive investment in education, healthcare and transport infrastructure.The balance of payments improves. Household budgets are no longer subject to the vagaries of the oil market, we will cease to fight hopeless foreign wars because of oil.

The big advantage that solar has over oil and gas (or coal) generation is that once the generation capacity is installed, that’s it. Electricity is produced quietly and without further input. No fuel is required. Maintenance is minimal.There are no waste storage issues, no nasty emissions and no risk of being held to ransom by whichever despotic middle eastern state we are forced to buy gas from.

It’s all good.

You can read this bullish piece at The Times.

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