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The end of the oil age cometh

Well researched piece in The Telegraph puts clear evidence that solar energy is going to replace dependence on carbon fuels.  This article raises some interesting issues.

First, that it is hard headed,  pragmatic economics and strategic concerns around energy security which has driven this,  not green zealotry or carbon-reduction targets.  Ironically it is China,  derided by the environmental lobby for it’s rapid increase in coal fired power stations,  which has done more to make solar PV viable for the rest of the world by sheer economy of scale.  It’s also fairly reasonable to assume that the world will be a safer place without the oil exporters hegemony.  Cash from oil exports prop up some very unsavoury regimes and Russia,  Saudi Arabia and Venezuela might be less inclined to throw their weight around if their oil revenues dry up.  It’ll be interesting to see just what impact the US’s recent energy self-sufficiency has on it’s foreign policy.  They may start caring a lot less about what goes on in the middle east.

Solar allows the users of electricity,  be they businesses or households,  to own,  generate and consume their own power.  It democratises energy generation and consumption and removes dependence on quasi-state run monopolies which are themselves prone to politicians meddling.   This is all good news.

Read the full article at: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/ambroseevans_pritchard/10755598/Global-solar-dominance-in-sight-as-science-trumps-fossil-fuels.html

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