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UK energy security at risk as gas imports surge - Centrica

We know that we are at risk of sounding like a stuck record on this topic,  but this is the latest in a number of articles which lays bare the fragility of our energy security.  Sam Laidlaw might have a vested interest,  what with his being chief of Centrica,  but the facts are the facts.  Domestic UK production of gas is falling with increasing speed,  and the countries where we are sourcing it’s replacement aren’t all as benign as Norway.

Qatar,  on whom we are already dependent for 15% of our gas,  sits in one of the most politically unstable regions on earth.  There are so many risks to the security of that supply;  Iranian aggression could stop the huge tankers getting through the gulf,  a renewed interest in overthrowing undemocratic rulers could disrupt output or the fast growing and energy hungry economies of SE Asia could simply offer the Qataris more money for their gas.  To be so reliant one source for so much of our energy is making us incredibly vulnerable.

The issue of energy security is becoming a wider concern.  We’ve noticed a change in the motives of prospective customers who approach us to install PV on their factories and warehouses.  The decision used to be based solely on the investment potential;  now business owners are increasingly aware of the fragility of UK energy supply (and the increasing costs) and see self generation as a prudent strategy to protect their business.

Read the full article posted by the telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/energy/10678417/UK-energy-security-at-risk-as-gas-imports-surge-Centrica.html

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