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QCR Waste Balers, Compactors and Recycling Equipment

QCR Plastic Waste BalerQCR is Mypower's sister company and a leading distributor of innovative equipment from premier manufacturers. The company offers rental and purchase options on waste balers, compactors, clinical waste destroyers and bespoke waste management solutions. QCR strongly believes that the most efficient way for any business to manage their waste is at the source. This means less bins, a tidier and safer workplace and, of course, reduced waste costs.

You can reduce your quanity of waste by up to 90% with a QCR solution. Whether it's baling recyclable materials or turning waste into energy, you can reduce or even eliminate your waste transport and disposal costs…so stop paying to transport air! 

Whatever you choose - renting a baler (from only £10 per week), a general waste compactor, energy recovery or a bespoke sorting and shredding system - we can guarantee excellent value and service.

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