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Our customers say much more about us than we ever could...

Dave Oughton

Farmer and TV presenter, Adam Henson: "I'm Stow born and bred and the rugby club featured strongly in my youth. Now that the likes of Alfie and Jack are coming up through the rugby club, it's great to know that its future is being secured through great, sustainable initiatives like this".


"Adam is a great supporter of the club, and it's because people like Adam and Ben care so much about the it that we can be so forward-thinking. This is a major project for the Stow Rugby Club but one which will reap returns for us for many years, helping to secure our future".

Dave Oughton - Stow on the Wold RFC
Craig Sharp

"I had been thinking about investing in renewable energies to make our properties more attractive to tenants. Solar was a logical investment, offering protection against rising electricity costs which means we can pass the savings on to our tenants".

Craig Sharp - Allen Fabrications Ltd
Peter Alvis

“We are very pleased with the PV installation. Not only is it perfectly matched to our refrigeration requirement, producing more electricity when we need the most refrigeration, it is also performing above expectation. The installation itself was hassle-free and didn't impact on the day to day operations here at Lye Cross Farm. Overall, a very worthwhile project".

Peter Alvis - Lye Cross Farm, Bristol
Alan Walsh

“Making any new investment in technology that is unknown to you takes a lot of research, meeting numerous suppliers and getting a consensus of target results to be achieved. After my detailed research, I always felt a rollout to a bigger system was likely. I engaged with an engineer to help me with the final selection.


"Ben Harrison of Mypower worked hard to gain the order, planned and installed the system with a very high degree of professionalism. Mypower’s price in the tender process was competitive and following my research on the company and verifying their references, I awarded them the contract based on professionalism, attention to detail and price as well as their complete project management offering. We are very happy with the results to date."

Alan Walsh - Walsh Mushrooms
Simon Tomblin

"As we have expanded the business, our power costs have increased. With solar offering cheaper electricity, a good return on investment and the commercial benefits of being a 'green' plant hire company, it was not a difficult decision to make. The solar will also really help us towards our ISO 14000 accreditation.


"We were very pleased with the first installation Mypower did for us in 2011 and had no qualms in asking them to quote for solar on our new building. The upfront advice we received from them was very helpful and their involvement with WPD saved us some money. Ben worked with us every step of the way to dovetail the installation with the erection of the new building, saving us money on access and scaffolding. He was very professional in all that he did, taking control but keeping us fully informed throughout the project and dealing with all the paperwork. The installation team were friendly, helpful and flexible with all going to plan and the deadlines being met."

Simon Tomblin - Rocket Rentals
Anne Cranston

"Choosing the right installation contractor involved the selection of a firm who were able to deliver an installation to match the quality of the building, work within the restrictions of a structure of this age and in harmony with the cathedral’s status as a place of daily worship, which is also visited by nearly 500,000 people each year…


"The installation of solar panels on such a beautiful and beloved building as Gloucester Cathedral has raised interest locally and nationally so it's been fantastic that Mypower has been taking such great care with the work. Since starting on site, the team has identified a way of hiding the ballast beneath the panels which our structural engineer is delighted with. And they've managed to accommodate both the physical restrictions of the site and the fact that we're a place of worship as well as a busy destination for visitors. We’re delighted with the solar panels, with Mypower generally and Ben specifically!


"I’ve just taken Dean Stephen up to the roof. He is extraordinarily impressed and looking forward to meeting you and thanking you personally"

Anne Cranston - Gloucester Cathedral
Antony Feltham-King

Speaking on BBC Radio, the Dean of Gloucester said: "It's actually an incredible installation, it's so well done by Mypower... It's a work of art when you can see it and, of course, when people do go up one of the tower tours, that's the only place from which they'll be able to see the solar panels."


"Mypower responded magnificently to the challenge of installing the solar PV array to the nave roof at Gloucester Cathedral. The logistics were daunting, and the need to work respectfully in this ancient place of worship added further complexities to the project. However, Mypower were always ready to rise to the challenge and added creatively to the process, resulting in a beautiful as well as functional, end product."

Antony Feltham-King - Gloucester Cathedral
Stuart Wilson

"I would have no hesitation recommending Mypower to any potential customer. Of special note was Ben Harrison's attention to detail and energy in driving the project to a successful conclusion during our peak summer trading period. 


"The management team at Bako Western now views the weather forecast with extra interest and has already monitored significant savings since the installation was commissioned".

Stuart Wilson - Bako Western
Louisa Sheppy

“Investigating the right supplier takes time, which can be hard to find and, having decided to commit our business to Mypower, the whole job was taken off our hands. Mypower managed the scheme completely and efficiently so that we could get on with our business. It was all very fuss-free and well managed. The panels are hardly visible on the new building and don’t spoil the look of any of the older buildings; a very important factor for Sheppy’s.”

Louisa Sheppy - Sheppy's Cider
Toby Robins

"Our PV array not only makes financial sense but also differentiates us in the marketplace, extracting further commercial value from the initiative. Credit must go to the whole team at Mypower who calmly delivered the project against the inevitable FiT revision deadline.

"This investment not only supports our zero-carbon operation goals but also demonstrates the scale of our commitment to a move to a sustainable economy. Currently, my Tesla is the only vehicle that runs on electricity but as we electrify more of our distribution fleet we are likely to be back for an extension to the installation to cover the flat roof over the offices".

Toby Robins - Wiles Greenworld
Tim Field

"With the pressure mounting for companies to reduce their carbon footprint and work towards a future of sustainability, we are committed to making positive changes in all areas of Daylesford. I've worked with Mypower for 3 years now and they never fail to deliver exceptional work and advice. Mypower's complete end to end project management and comprehensive recommendations means we need to have so little involvement in the projects they do for us. It's like they are part of our team working for a common goal, saving us money and improving our sustainability."

Tim Field - Daylesford Farm Shops
Richard Baldwyn

"Mypower had an excellent reputation and their references were good, they did everything they said they would and more, without causing any inconvenience to us. Their in-house installers were very professional and tidy and Ben kept us in the loop throughout the week-long project and did all the paperwork as promised. I really had little to do apart from sign the cheque and let Mypower do the rest!  4 years on, the solar is performing better than anticipated and our bills have come down more than we hoped. We haven't had to do a thing with it, it just works in the background alongside our mains supply, providing us with our own locally sourced electricity."

Richard Baldwyn - Lower Clopton Farm Shop
Tim Darch

"Ben [MD for Mypower] really put forward the case for Mypower and Solar PV with several options of system sizes and products, giving complete transparency on everything. The grant process was very easy and straightforward with Mypower's help. Mypower's team on site were excellent and caused no disruption to the business and the whole project was managed and communicated to us exceptionally well"

Tim Darch - Quickgrind
Gareth Herbert

"Coveya Ltd commissioned Mypower to design and install a 251.1kWp solar PV system and I can say we are very impressed with the service provided and the installation. Mypower did everything they said they would do and when they said they would do it. In particular, they worked to install the system alongside our busy production operations with no disruption at all and great consideration. I'd be happy to recommend Mypower to any business wishing to install solar PV."

Gareth Herbert - Coveya Ltd
Kevin Power

"Dawn Foods takes social responsibility very seriously and, as a global bakery business, sustainability is key going forward. We produce millions of cakes and mixes every year and keeping a site like ours operational uses a lot of electricity! Mypower was able to come up with a solution that ensures a more sustainable way to generate electricity and means we avoid significant CO2 emissions too."

Kevin Power - Dawn Foods
Peter Mackay-Lewis

"We undertook a formal tender process in which we received five proposals. Mypower was selected for its use of technology and competitive pricing. We set a tight timescale of only 8 weeks for Mypower to install and commission the PV system. The Mypower team and their sub-contractors worked very well together on the design and installation of the system, providing a complete package. The age of the roof and requirement to avoid covering the many roof lights presented challenges which were overcome by Mypower through detailed design. I found the team to be very hands-on and committed to delivering the project on time. I would definitely recommend Mypower to any other business thinking of improving their carbon footprint and reducing their fixed costs" 

Peter Mackay-Lewis - Delaney Mackay Lewis Ltd
Chris Booth

"The use of technology has always been a major part of our continuous drive to operate in an ever more environmentally sustainable manner. Our investment in this solar panel project has been our biggest success to date in this area. Driven by our accreditation to the ISO 14001 standard for an effective environmental management system and a personal desire by the senior management team to reduce our environmental footprint, we continually look for 'greener' ways to operate.


"Mypower has proven to be an excellent partner in helping us to achieve these goals and throughout the process, their professional, expert advice and guidance has been invaluable. At every stage, Mypower managed our project flawlessly, from initial contact, through scoping, design, competitive tendering and then the actual installation - everything has been delivered on time and with zero disruption to our business."

Chris Booth - Hugh Symons
Mark Stewart

"We're very proud that our new PV system will be generating clean electricity for our business for many years to come. Not only is it a great green decision, but it's also a very sensible financial one, so it really is a win-win for us. Mypower made everything very straightforward. Their knowledge and advice about commercial solar PV gave us a huge amount of confidence to take our aspirations to 'go Solar' into reality and it was an easy decision to go with Mypower. Owning our own building means we can make long-term investment decisions. Going solar self-sufficient reduces our carbon footprint and helps generate green power to go back into the grid to supply other businesses and homes with solar energy."

Mark Stewart - Stuart Golf Ltd
Joe Clark

"Mypower made the whole process of ordering and installing a 100KWp Solar PV System that consists of 306 panels easy to understand and guided the team through the whole process from start to finish. Neil from Mypower was in constant contact and ensured that the installation ran seamlessly from start to finish. Their installation team worked professionally and understood the needs of our site, a busy health centre, and worked around them."

Joe Clark - Wirral Community Health & NHS Foundation Trust
Lee Walding

"Mypower are highly knowledgeable and delivered a turnkey project - from planning applications to negotiating the best possible rates for our export. We are delighted with the outcome, the service, advice and commitment Mypower gave to our PV installation; it was exceptional. We would happily recommend Mypower to anyone considering a solar PV project"


Lee Walding - Leeways
Peter Hartle

“We are committed to sustainability and have long-term plans for minimising Purbeck Ice Cream’s carbon footprint, so our two solar PV systems play an important part. We were pleased to appoint Mypower to plan and install both systems, the newest of which is fitted with optimisers on each pair of panels that are monitored by an online platform. This gives us early notification even if only two panels have an issue, which is advantageous. 


We are very satisfied with the quality of the solar installations and the service provided by the team at Mypower.”

Peter Hartle - Purbeck Ice Cream

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