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Our Suppliers

We offer high quality products at competitive rates. To obtain more information about the type of solar panel that is most suitable for you please contact us or visit one of pages below:


Modules (panels)

REC Solar PanelsWe can and do install any type of module required by the customer, providing it is of a known quality brand, but we strongly recommend REC and QCells for yield and performance. Whilst it is generally one of the more costly panels, it provides in our opinion, best value for money for the customer. You can read more on how REC solar panels outshine others on the market.


We have regularly worked with SMA, Mastervolt, Fronius and Power One inverters. 

We now use Huawei as our main supplier. Huawei, in our experience offer excellent quality, high yielding and versatile inverters.

Mounting System

Sunfixings are our preferred supplier with whom we deal direct. Whilst they are around 20% more expensive than competitors such as Schletter and K2, the quality of the materials used and design is superior which complements our approach.