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Case Study:
IBL Cold Stores, Liverpool

IBL Cold Stores

745.18 kWp (2,014 panel) installation

Leading the way in niche temperature-controlled solutions, IBL Cold Stores specialises in chilled and frozen storage solutions for UK food manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. IBL was first formed in 1947 on the East coast of England, specifically to manage the importation of latex from the Far East. As the industry began to grow, IBL Cold Stores was formed in Knowsley, Liverpool, expanding the business into frozen and chilled storage for the local food manufacturing community that included the likes of Birds Eye, Coca Cola and St Ivel Foods. Since their expansion, IBL Cold Stores now has the capability of operating at a flexible range of temperatures across 16 chambers and in addition, provides blast, tempering and transportation services. The site has a total capacity of c. 14,000 pallets with a dry goods store nearby providing a further 2,500 pallet spaces.

Chilling rise in electricty costs

As the refrigeration equipment is running 24 hours, 7 days a week, IBL Cold Store’s electricity consumption is incredibly high. With over 110,000 square feet of temperature-controlled storage to chill, the site consumes nearly 5 million kWh of electricity every year. This makes their business particularly sensitive to grid-supplied electricity price rises. However, the upside to having such large square footage is that this is mirrored in roof space, which is perfect for low cost Solar PV electricty generation

IBL Cold Stores, Liverpool
IBL Cold Stores, Liverpool

Freezing the cost of energy

To combat IBL Cold Store’s soaring energy costs, Mypower installed 745.18 kWp of solar PV, covering the majority of their availble roof space. The system will produce over 590,000 kWh of electricty every year at an equivalent unit rate of 5p/kWh. This unit rate includes an estimate of maintenance costs and is effectively ‘frozen’ for the 25 year performance warranty period of the panels. IBL Cold Stores will use nearly 100% of this generation on site which will help them save £76,180 each year at their current rate of electricity.

Key facts and predictions

  • 745.18 kWp (2,014 panels) installed
  • 596,183 kWh units of energy produced per annum
  • £82,627 projected first year income and savings
  • 17.9% projected first year return on capital invested, before capital allowance benefits
  • 5p/kWh - the equivalent forward purchase price of 4.9 million units of electricity over 25 years including estimated operating & maintenance costs
  • 5.6 years - system payback before finance, tax and capital allowance and grant benefit
  • £3,349,562 - a 25-year income and savings after indexation
  • 64% saving from solar PV electricity compared to grid supplied electricityat 14p/kWh
IBL Cold Stores, Liverpool

A refreshing experience

“Working with the team at Mypower has been a refreshing and rewarding experience. They have helped us at every stage from inception through to delivery and installation of this project without any disruption to our 24/7 operation. The installation plays an important part in our sustainability drive and we look forward to working with Mypower once more as we continue our journey towards carbon neutrality.”

Ian Desmonde - Managing Director

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