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Case Study:
Monssi Ltd

Reduced electricity costs are helping Monssi to fly

Monssi is an expert in the field of aerial and roof surveys. Using the latest drone technology and 4k Ultra HD video imaging, Monssi always delivers fast and accurate results to its customers. In September 2018, Mypower installed a 69kW solar PV system on the roof of Monssi's headquarters in Evesham.

Managing Director of Monssi, Stuart Andrews, put out an opportunity to tender through FinditinWorcestershire. Stuart, like so many business owners, was becoming increasingly frustrated with his energy prices rising on a regular basis. The UK's national grid is currently struggling and is close to capacity. This, combined with a worldwide push to reduce emissions and energy consumption in general, means UK businesses are likely to see continuing rises in energy taxes and charges for the foreseeable future. Mypower successfully tendered for the 69kW install on Monssi's uniquely shaped roof.

Key facts and predictions - amended to September 2019 rates

  • £44,200 - cost exc. VAT
  • 69kW (240 Canadian Solar panels) - installed by Mypower.
  • 58,675 - units of energy produced per annum.
  • £6,258 - projected first year income and savings assuming 60% of electricity is used on site.
  • 14.2% - projected first year return on capital invested, before capital allowance benefits.
  • 4.87p p/kwh - equivalent forward purchase price including operations & maintenance costs.
  • 19 tonnes - CO2 emissions avoided per annum.
  • 7.1 years - system payback before finance, tax and capital allowance benefits - without subsidy.
  • £319,775 - the total projected income and savings over 25 years after indexation.
Monssi Ltd

Subsidy free

In the current climate, installing rooftop solar PV makes perfect business sense. Monssi has taken control of its electricity costs and, over 25 years, its total annual income and savings will equal £320,000. The initial investment will be paid back in under eight years without the need for a subsidy.

Mypower's Business Development Director, Neil Stott explained why solar PV is such a good investment for Monssi: "Quite simply, Monssi wanted to take control of its energy costs, which are predicted to continue to rise, and to minimise reliance on grid supplied electricity. Solar PV will now provide Stuart’s business with nearly 50% of its’ electricity needs. With complimentary and commercially attractive battery solutions on the horizon, the Monssi team will soon be able to increase its onsite consumption of solar energy. This will further reduce its reliance on ever more expensive grid supplied electricity."

Monssi Ltd

First class service 

"I used Mypower to put the solar panels on De Montfort House. I found them very, very helpful and they explained the process all the way through. The workforce is superb - we never had any problems at all - they cleaned up, removed any litter and it was an overall first class service. I can thoroughly recommend using Mypower."

Stuart Andrews, Managing Director - Monssi

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