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Worcestershire County Council’s Low Carbon Opportunities Programme

Worcestershire County Council are offering a fantastic opportunity for small and medium sized businesses to receive a grant that will pay for 40% of their investment in renewable energy. 

The grant is called the Low Carbon Opportunities Programme and, through the programme, SMEs in Worcestershire can receive a grant of 40% towards their own renewable energy systems, including solar PV.

We’ve helped business from all corners of Worcestershire to install solar PV and reduce their electricity costs. Applying for the grant is easy and we can help you through the process, making it all very straightforward.

What the grant can do for you:

Solar PV benefits with no grant

Solar PV benefits with 40% Worcestershire grant

Electricity generated at 4-5p per unit, versus 15p per unit from the grid


A payback in 5-7 years


ROI of typically over 15%


Clean, green electricity self- generated 

Electricity generated at around 3.2p per unit, versus 15p per unit from the grid


A payback in 3-4 years


ROI of typically 25-30%


Clean green electricity self generated 

    Worcestershire County Council’s Low Carbon Opportunities Programme
    Worcestershire County Council’s Low Carbon Opportunities Programme

    To quality, your business must:

    • Be situated in, and trading from, Worcestershire
    • Employ fewer than 250 people
    • Have a turnover of less than the equivalent of 50 million Euros per annum, or a balance sheet of less than 43 million Euros.

    Mypower are award winning installers of commercial solar PV systems of 50kW and above that help businesses reduce their impact on climate change, while reducing their costs. For more details on the benefits of solar PV for your business, take a look at our commercial page.

    What does a 40% grant do for you?

    Very simply, it almost doubles the ROI and halves the payback period. In our view, this turns an already attractive proposition into something you can’t afford to miss (we suspect the funding pot will be diminished quite quickly). The table below provides some of the key stats for solar PV systems which fall into the grant funding range (4kWp-200kWp.)

    In this table, we've assumed that 60% of the solar energy generated will be used onsite, with the other 40% sold to the grid. Onsite consumption will vary, depending on when you need your energy. For most commercial customers, we can accurately calculate this by analysing your incoming electricity meter data. In most cases, our customers see at least 1/3 of their needs met by their own solar generated electricity. Onsite consumption of solar generated electricity is likely to increase with the uptake of electric vehicles and a reduction in cost of battery storage systems.

    This is a fantastic opportunity for your organisation to invest in renewable energy at a significantly lower cost, reducing your impact on climate change and making significant savings on your energy bill.


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