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Electric Car charging – Installers in Worcestershire 

We supply car charging units in the Worcestershire area to help businesses charge their hybrid and electric cars and vans. We can advise you on all the options available from plug and go to superfast charging units.

Charging your electric vehicle should be as easy driving it! Mypower make it straightforward for all our customers to find exactly the right Electric Vehicle Charging Unit (EVCU) for you.

Commercial car charging units

Whether you are looking to install charging points for you own electric fleet, staff cars, customers vehicles or all 3 then we’ve got many options to suit all requirements. The type of charger we recommend will vary depending on the charge speed you require, your current electrical supply, wall and freestanding preferences as well as security requirements. We can provide secure socket units which prevent others from using the charger. Often businesses opt for units with multiple sockets so 2 cars can charge at one time. If your car is parked at work all day then a slower charge is probably ample but if employees are frequently at the office for only a short period then a faster charging unit is recommended. 

BasicCharge: EV Pedestal
Ideal for commercial use,  this versatile pedestal offers various speed modes with built-in overload and fault current protection as well LED illumination.
WallPod: EV Commercial Charge
This wall mounted EV charger is a low- cost, entry level commercial charging unit. Designed to offer full Mode 3 fast charging to every Electric Vehicle (EV) on the market today.


Destination charge points for hospitality

Worcestershire and the surrounding areas have a thriving hotel, dining and tourist attraction network. With the take up of electric and hybrid cars seeing their biggest increase in the UK in 2017, their drivers are now drawn to places where they can charge their cars whilst they go out for the day with their family. We highly recommend installing EVCU for your customers either as a free to use servers or pay and you go. 

AutoCharge- Free to use: EV Pedestal
This EV Pedestal is a robust, heavy duty, hard wearing pedestal designed for both commercial and public facing environments allowing users to charge for free.
AutoCharge -Coin/Token: EV Pedestal
Operated by coin or token this pay as you go pedestal robust, heavy duty and hard wearing
pay-to-charge pedestal is idea for both commercial and public facing environments. 


Grants available 

We are authorised installers for the government OLEV grant system, for the Workplace Charge Scheme which means funding for up to £300 is available for eligible businesses, charities and public sector organisations.


Being just down the road from Worcester, Mypower can easily install all types of vehicle charging units normally in less than a day. Our installation team is fully experienced and qualified under the City and Guilds 2919-01 Level 3 Award in Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation.

Rolec Charging Equipment

Rolec are one of the leading brands of charging units offering a vast product range to fit any requirement. We highly recommend them for their quality and a product offering to suit all budgets. 

Generating your own electricity for your car

Fuelling an electric vehicle is undeniable cheaper than paying for petrol or diesel but if you could generate you own electricity with Solar PV then you could half your fuel bill again.   Many businesses are already taking control of their power supply by generating their own electricity from the roofs of their offices using solar panels. Absolutely any business can significantly benefit from solar panels. Big or small and across all industries, if you have a roof over your business then it is more than likely that your company can save with Solar PV.

If you do not have the facility to mount solar on your roof then we can also supply and install a range of solar car ports. These offer direct access to your own self-generated solar electricity as well as protection and storage capabilities.

For advice on our charging units or Solar PV which can reduce your electricity bills by 50-70% please do get in touch for a friendly chat.