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Solar panels Bath

Why choose commercial solar panels Bath?

Mypower specialises in commercial solar PV installations covering Bath, the south west and beyond. We are an award-winning team who pride ourselves on going above and beyond for every customer in order to deliver exceptional solar PV designs and installations.

Solar PV generates electricity at 1/3 of the price of the grid. Your business can generate its own renewable energy at 4-5p per unit compared to typical grid prices of around 15p per unit. It is a great time for your business to go green and save money - you could be generating 'free' electricity in as little as 5-6 years.

Commercial solar makes sense on a financial level but, of course, the other aspect is environmental savings. On average, our solar PV customers prevent the release of 50-100 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually - collectively saving 3,300 tonnes of CO2; the equivalent of planting 16,500 trees each year. 

Any unused electricity a business generates from its solar installation can be sold to the grid at around 5p per unit, then supplying surrounding houses and businesses in Bath. So, not only would you be producing your own cleaner, cheaper electricity, but also supplying your local Bath community with renewable energy.

Solar panel installers in Bath

Mypower’s head office is a little over an hour from Bath and we have completed numerous commercial & agricultural solar panels installations in the area. We use local weather station climate data from Bath which looks over the last 10 years to accurately predict generation figures. We can provide you with a budget estimate and returns so you can quickly see the potential of solar PV for your business. 

A local grant available in Bath offers 40-80 per cent funding towards the cost of purchase and installation of carbon-reducing initiatives, including solar PV. Available to small and medium sized companies in Bath, the grant provides a great opportunity to install solar panels for industrial buildings with funding to reduce installation costs and increase returns.

This grant is a pot of money already secured for eligible West of England businesses on a first- come-first-served basis, and it is designed purely to help businesses reduce their energy consumption for a more sustainable future.

Why choose Mypower for your solar PV installation?

Mypower are award-winning solar PV designers and installers. Over more than a decade we have installed commercial solar panels for many businesses. We apply our vast experience to every project, providing honest advice on how solar PV can work for the business. If you are spending more than £1,000 per month on electricity and you have a metal-roofed building OR your roof is less than 20 years old, your business is likely to be highly suitable for a solar PV installation.

Solar panels Bath

Local businesses benefiting from solar PV

Based 27 minutes from Bath, Coveya were spending £30,000 per year on their electricity bills. With high electricity usage and a large double-pitched warehouse roof, their site was ideal for a solar PV installation to help them reduce their electricity costs. 

The 250kW system provides 45% of Coveya's energy requirements. The rest is sold to the grid, providing an annual income of nearly £7,000 and supplying other local businesses and homes with clean, renewable energy. Together, the total annual income and savings for Coveya following their solar PV installation is in excess of £22,000 thanks to solar panels Bath.

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Lye Cross Farm cheese makers

With 3,000 tonnes of cheese in refrigerated storage at any one time, cooling is one of the business's main areas of energy use, along with running the packing equipment. These two areas alone require some 600,000 units of energy per year. As a high energy user, Lye Cross Farm were an ideal business to benefit from solar PV. Mypower installed 676 solar panels on the roof of their cheese-packing building to save them over £25,000 in electricity costs every year. 

The panels significantly reduce the farm's production carbon footprint, helping them to avoid 72 tonnes of carbon emissions a year.

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Solar panels Bath

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