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Solar Panels in Bristol

Why choose commercial solar PV in Bristol?

Commercial solar offers businesses in Bristol and surrounding areas the opportunity to reduce their electricity costs by two-thirds. Generating your own electricity from your Bristol based business offers your company clean renewable electricity at around 5p per unit. When you compare this to grid supplied electricity in Bristol at an average price of 15p per unit you can easily see the savings.

Whilst solar can be a relatively high-priced investment, the saving in electricity costs with a high quality, well installed system can give a return on investment above 15% and a payback of 5 to 6 years (before potential Capital Allowance benefits). 

Of course, it’s not just about the commercial savings (which are impressive) but also the environmental savings too. Generating your own business solar energy will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Our commercial customers on average avoid 50-100 tonnes of CO2 every year generating their own clean renewable energy.

Commercial Solar Panel Installers in Bristol 

Mypower’s homelands are in the south west designing and installation commercial solar PV systems for businesses in Bristol and around the area. Solar PV offers the most savings for businesses which are medium to high energy users. Some examples of our Bristol based customers include dairy farmers, a conveyor manufacturer, a sports equipment manufacturer, and a cheese producer to list just a few. 

A local grant specific to business renewable energy solutions is available in Bristol. A grant which offers 40-80 per cent funding towards the cost of installation of carbon reducing initiatives and Solar PV is available for small and medium sized companies. Please contact us for more information on this grant and we will be happy to advise. 

Why choose Mypower for your business?

Mypower have been designing and installing commercial solar PV systems for the past 10 years, and regularly design and install commercial solar PV systems that deliver electricity to businesses at 1/3 of the price of buying from the grid and achieve an ROI of over 15 per cent.

We pride ourselves on our attention to both the commercial and technical details (one of the reasons why we were selected to install a 150-panel system on Gloucester Cathedral in 2016) and have helped a number of Bristol and South West businesses achieve a greener, cleaner future. These include – Coveya and Lye Cross Farm, Daylesford Farm Shop and Bako Western.

Case study - Lye Cross Farm, Bristol 

Three generations of the Alvis family have been farming and making traditional cheddar cheese at Lye Cross Farm near Bristol. Environmental responsibility has always been a primary aim for the Alvis Family who process 45 million litres of milk a year at the farm. With around 3,000 tonnes of cheese in refrigerated storage at any one time, cooling is one of the business's main areas of energy use, along with running of the packing equipment. These two areas alone require 600,000 units of energy per year.

Lye Cross Farm with its high energy usage and a large unused roof space is the perfect match for solar PV. Mypower recommended that the business's best option was to install a 172kW array along with six inverters to convert the energy into a useable form. With 95% utilisation of the solar electricity, this is exactly how PV should work, using the energy where it is produced.

With the panels helping to avoid 72 tonnes of carbon emissions a year, the use of renewable energy also helps the business create a strong marketing message for supermarkets.

The system is predicted to produce over 3,750,000kWh over 25 years. Divide this into the capital cost of the system and the effective cost of buying this electricity up front today is a fixed cost of 3.7p per kWh, without being subjected to electricity price rises. This compares to the current purchase rate from the supplier of almost 4 times this rate.

Peter Alvis commented... "We are very pleased with the PV installation, not only is it perfectly matched to our refrigeration requirement, producing more electricity when we need the most refrigeration, it is also performing above expectation. The installation itself was hassle free and didn't impact on the day to day operations here at Lye Cross Farm, overall a very worthwhile project."

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