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Solar Panels Warwickshire

Mypower specialises in installing commercial solar PV systems in and around Warwickshire.

Our award-winning solar PV systems will enable your business to reduce its electricity costs by 65%.

Average grid supplied business energy costs between 13-15 pence per unit. Compare this to solar PV electricity, where the equivalent price is 4-5p per unit, and you'll see there are huge savings to be made.


Return on investment with solar panels Stratford Upon Avon

Within the next 10 years, electricity prices are set to double. Commercial solar generated electricity allows you to effectively forward buy your energy for the next 25 years at a fixed price of 5p per unit. This means that your business will never be exposed to rising energy prices again. ROI is 14-18% so with low interest rates and additional tax benefits, solar is viewed as a low-risk investment.

Energy use

High energy users can benefit the most from solar PV. The more solar PV energy you generate onsite and use directly during your day-to-day operation, the higher the savings. Any size of business can benefit and make significant savings, however.


Solar Panels Warwickshire

Lower Clopton Farm shop

Lower Clopton Farm shop, near Stratford-upon-Avon, sources all its products from local businesses in addition to its own farm. Now, owners Richard and Suzie Baldwin are sourcing their electricity locally by generating it from their own roof with a solar PV system from Mypower.

The Baldwyns realised their electricity bills were continuing to increase significantly and were likely to rise a further 30 to 40% over the next 5 years, to become a major cost to the farm shop. They felt that using electricity produced from their own roof would help demonstrate to customers that there's a wider picture to consider, and this could help put them one step ahead of competitors. Richard spoke to Mypower to see if solar would be a sound investment and a good way of reducing their agricultural electricity rates.

Read the full Lower Clopton case study

"Mypower were incredibly helpful and carried out a consultation, survey and feasibility study at no cost. The figures were compelling, for an initial investment of £28,500 for 30 kW of solar producing 28,000 units of electricity per year, the return on capital was around 14.5% and payback in less than 7 years. Looking long-term over 25 years, this meant the cost of our electricity from the solar would be 4.5 pence per unit, around 1/3 of what we currently pay and, furthermore, this price is fixed so won't go up."

Richard Baldwyn, Owner, Lower Clopton Farm Shop

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