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China and India are way ahead of Western economies with solar generation

With grid prices rising all the time, this gives China and India a commercial advantage...
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BMW taking reservations for new fully electric car

We said Daimler-Benz may be late to the EV party, are BMW in danger of doing the same?
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Mercedes Benz teases its first foray into the EV market

But have they arrived a bit too late to the party?
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Germany to be the distribution hub for Russian gas

This is seen as a threat to EU unity however Germany will gain from it...
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ICE vehicles to be charged £130 for entering seven busy London streets

Another blow for London's ICE vehicle owners...
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London to hit diesel cars even harder

It will cost over £50 for a diesel to park for 4 hours...
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Nuclear waste could be dumped under our National Parks

This is a serious recommendation by a parliamentary committee...
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Porsche names its all-electric Mission E the Taycan

The Tesla S will have a direct challenger...
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Mypower interview on BBC Radio Gloucestershire

With the brilliant summer we are having, BBC Radio Gloucestershire interviewed Ben Harrison of Mypower on how it is affecting the solar market...
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EU judges uphold decision for UK to subsidise Hinkley Point

Our money will be spent on electricity well over twice the current wholesale cost...
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Germany in the pocket of the Russians due to imported gas dependency

Donald Trump has made a valid point here...
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There is no doubt about the direction of electricity prices

Another increase from EDF this time...
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Electrifying the expanding number of delivery vans makes perfect sense

Some logistic firms are already getting behind this...
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Potentially ground-breaking project proves value of Agrophotovoltaic Farming

After successful pilot projects, this could soon take off worldwide...
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The power in the electricity market is shifting to the consumer

This FT article describes the rapidly changing business of generating and supplying electricity...
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Legal & General dump firms who aren't doing enough for climate change

L&G know firms that embrace clean energy will have a competitive advantage over ones that don't...
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China aiming to remove subsidies from its booming solar market

China has long realised solar is making commercial sense without subsidy...
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Academics at Cambridge University are predicting another economic crisis

The impact of renewable energy on the hydrocarbon sector is blamed...
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The oil majors are muscling in on the EV charging market

BP's recent acquisition is the latest in a string of moves by big oil geared towards EVs...
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Pop-up EV chargers are hitting UK streets

Oxford City Council are the first to install them and we hope others will quickly follow...
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