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Mypower are rewarded for their outstanding Gloucester Cathedral project at the British Renewable Energy Awards

It was a fantastic and memorable night for Mypower...
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Centrica has announced the sale of its last two large electricity generation plants

The smart money is moving out of centralised grid generation as renewable generation makes up the bulk of new electricity capacity...
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London Mayor's plans for pay per mile charging for polluting cars

This effectively means all cars which aren’t zero emission...
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Gloucester Cathedral's solar panels blessed, switched on and the tower lit green

History was created on 21st November when the Dean of Gloucester blessed and switched on the solar panels for the very first time...
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Another clean energy milestone has struck

Over half of the country’s electricity produced came from solar and wind...
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A successful night for Mypower at the Energy Efficiency awards

Last night at the Energy Efficiency awards Mypower were runners up in 2 very competitive categories
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As prices fall, renewable energy becomes more popular

Renewable energy capacity is surging across the globe...
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Audi's EV and hybrid plans are not overly ambitious

They could risk falling behind more ambitious car manufacturers...
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May saw a sharp drop in diesel sales

EV and hybrid sales rose by 50%...
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Mypower nominated for 2 South West Energy Efficiency Awards

This is the second set of awards Mypower have been nominated for this year...
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A seismic shift is occurring in the energy markets

Gas and oil are quickly being shifted out..
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BP's CEO can't see a threat from EVs...

Shareholders were rattled by Tony Seba's predictions earlier this week...
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All vehicles will be electric by 2025 says economy expert

Bold and dramatic predictions have been made regarding the future of motoring...
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Chargepoint planning thousands of new public EV charge points

A proper market is developing for this technology...
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Nissan are entering the battery storage market

They are to produce new and recycled batteries from electric cars to serve as home energy storage units...
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We were impressed by these solar car ports at Nice airport

1.3MW of solar capacity which presently feeds directly into the airport building...
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Mypower shortlisted for a British Renewable Energy award

This is based on the highly successful solar PV installation on Gloucester Cathedral...
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The coming death of diesel hits the mainstream again

The Guardian takes aim at diesel cars this time...
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Grid supplied electricity demand this summer will be the lowest on record

Increased output from solar panels is the cause of this...
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Tesla was valued more highly than Ford on yesterday's US stock markets

Another sign of a seismic shift in the automotive sector...
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