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Mypower shine to win another Solar energy award

Mypower win Commercial Rooftop Solar PV Project of the Year Award...
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The potential for solar across Africa is huge

Cheap solar and constant sunshine make for huge potential...
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UK's reliance on imported gas could soon backfire

A spike in gas prices pose a threat to the UK’s energy landscape...
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Fuel forecourt operators have a serious choice to make with EV charging

Unfortunately there is still a collective sticking of heads in the sand...
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Germany, Austria and Norway to have 400 ultra fast charging stations by 2020

This will trump Tesla’s supercharger network...
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Rising electricity costs needn't worry those with solar

An over-reliance on international imports is set to increase costs further...
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BP respond to Shell's move in the EV charging market

The response is interesting to say the least...
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Shell opens its first EV charging points in the UK

Three current sites will be expanded to ten by the end of the year...
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Shell is already installing EV chargers at its petrol stations

They are definitely ahead of the game...
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Oxford to ban all diesel and petrol cars from parts of the city by 2020

If they can do the same with buses, they've nailed it...
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Solar generation capacity has exceeded new coal generation globally for the first time

The transformation of the global energy landscape is unstoppable...
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Drivers of electric Nissans will get the chance to charge for free

A collaboration between Nissan and Ovo Energy will allow this to happen...
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Dyson is entering the EV market

They will have their first EV out in 2020...
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Solar power breakthrough as subsidy-free farm opens

A 'landmark' scheme without government support...
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Another high profile rooftop solar install is underway for Mypower

Gloucestershire County Council is having 500+ solar PV system installed by Mypower...
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Mypower are rewarded for their outstanding Gloucester Cathedral project at the British Renewable Energy Awards

It was a fantastic and memorable night for Mypower...
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The first proper challenge to Tesla’s EV hegemony arrives in 2019

The MissionE will launch with prices similar to the higher end Tesla S models...
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Petrol stations looking to the future with EV charging points

The big forecourt chains are beginning to get involved...
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Cheap wind and solar will make tidal and nuclear power irrelevant if costs don't decrease

A tidal power company has secured a connection to the grid at a rather unfortunate time...
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China plans an end to the production and sale of diesel and petrol engines

There seems a strategic plan from the Chinese government behind this decision...
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