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Gloucester Cathedral's solar panels blessed, switched on and the tower lit green

History was created on 21st November when the Dean of Gloucester blessed and switched on the solar panels for the very first time...
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Mypower install first Solar panel on Gloucester cathedral

The first of 150 solar panels has been installed today at Gloucester Cathedral. With the help of Rev’d Canon Ceila Thomson, who laid the inaugural panel
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Mypower awarded prestigious ground-breaking contract to install solar at Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral will become the oldest cathedral in the UK, and possibly the world, to install a commercial sized solar PV system on its roof...
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Stuttgart bans older diesel cars

The widespread ban on diesel cars has started...
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Making the wrong call on power projects can be expensive

Westfalen power station in Germany has made a serious loss...
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Explosion creates another body blow for EDF

This reactor is the same model as that proposed for Hinkley C...
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Norway leads the way in the transition to electric motoring

40% of the country's new cars were EVs last year...
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More news about the perilous financial state of EDF

Reports suggest the builders of Hinkley C are reliant on state subsidies...
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Shell to install chargers for electric cars on European forecourts

This is a shrewd move from Shell...
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Higher parking charges for diesel cars in drive against city pollution

Westminster council has announced new parking charges for diesels...
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More calls for diesel engines to be banned from our cities

We will see diesels banned from cities in the next few years...
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China is now fully aware of solar's capabilities

The fact it's cheaper and cleaner than coal is making China realise the way forward...
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Over one in ten small businesses are generating electricity on site

These businesses typically take a longer term view than corporate managers who tend to look no further than the next quarters’ numbers...
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America's 'oil age' being ceded to China's 'solar age'

China is the driving force behind our low cost solar energy...
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Faraday have launched their first production model the FF91

We’re not struck on the looks but it’ll no doubt find buyers in the US and China...
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Half of Britain’s electricity was generated from low-carbon sources for the first time over the summer

This can only mean that clean energy will soon overtake electricity produced from coal...
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New, smaller companies like this Californian marque will make a name for themselves in the electric age

We remain convinced some of the established players will struggle...
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General Motors launch the Chevrolet Bolt

It’s no looker but they have launched what is probably the first real, mass market electric car...
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The EEF report on the untapped money that UK manufacturers could be saving from energy efficiency

A huge 12TWh of electricity demand - worth a not insignificant £1 billion - could be saved...
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This picture shows the future petrol pump replacement

Whilst only a mock up, it shows the profit potential for charging electric cars and bikes...
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