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Solar power will thrive despite ending of government support from March 31st 2019

Contrary to the opinion of much of the renewable energy sector, the abolition of the Government’s feed-in tariff scheme (FiTS) on 31st March is not necessarily bad news...
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More compelling evidence to combine solar with EV charging

This report confirms it's a 'no brainer'
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Latest statistics show how quickly the EV charging structure is growing

Most of these chargers are also rapid chargers...
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Tesla sells more cars than Mercedes in last US quarter

This should be a huge reality check for the established auto order...
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UK gas storage capacity relative to demand is extremely vulnerable

If we have no gas, we have no gas fired electricity...
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The big interview with Mypower's Ben Harrison

July's Cotswold Life Business & Professional features an excellent interview with Ben...
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No Feed-in Tariff - no problem

A brilliant article in May's EiBI magazine focuses on Mypower and the Feed-in Tariff...
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Powering your growing business

See how this valued Mypower customer is reducing costs and driving sustainability...
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Could the real surge in EVs be vans not cars?

Schroders believe this will happen and they have a strong case...
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Dyson releases details on its entry into the EV market

Can Dyson compete with the likes of Tesla, Audi and Daimler Benz?
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Tesla sales have soared in Germany

Tesla has eclipsed Porcshe in the latters own back yard...
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Commercial-scale roof-top solar: how the finances add up

Take a look at this comparison chart, illustrating how the figures relate to a 50kW installation from 2012 to now...
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Mypower champions solar power on regional TV and radio

Our own Ben Harrison discusses why the end of the Feed-in Tariff is no bad thing...
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We’re making the News!

Mypower will be broadcast on BBC television and radio on the 29th March...
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Big announcement about Tesla's new Superchargers

Charging will be as quick as refuelling petrol or diesel...
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Shell plans to transform from big oil to big electricity

With fossil fuels and grid generation on the decline, Shell is looking towards an electric future...
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Mypower receive another superb review

All of our customers receive the same quality service and it really shows...
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BMW facing a threat in modern EVs

BMW is falling behind its German peers at Daimler Benz and VW...
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Maserati is bringing the first electric GT coupe to the market

This will be an impressive niche EV...
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A rapid transition to electric buses is happening

Good news for cyclists and walkers commuting alongside these buses...
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