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BMW facing a threat in modern EVs

BMW is falling behind its German peers at Daimler Benz and VW...
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Maserati is bringing the first electric GT coupe to the market

This will be an impressive niche EV...
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A rapid transition to electric buses is happening

Good news for cyclists and walkers commuting alongside these buses...
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The roll-out of Shell's European fast charging network has started

The great news is any EV brand can use these chargers...
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Nike close to running on almost 75% renewable energy

Buying energy from Spanish windfarms will take them up to 75%...
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We're impressed with these new EV chargers in London

In fact they offer far more than merely a charge point...
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Rolls-Royce has its eye on an electric plane future

Plans are to break the E-plane speed record...
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Russian gas exports to the EU are set to rise by a staggering 25% by 2020

A reliance on Russian gas is rapidly increasing...
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Audi has announced another new EV

With the engineering fundamentals of Porsche’s upcoming Taycan, the E-Tron GT will be available from 2020...
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Coal is King no more

Solar and wind are now cheaper than coal, almost everywhere...
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Possible rethink on the plan to withdraw export tariffs from solar generators

Those with small scale renewables should be entitled to some form of payment...
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More problems with UK nuclear energy have come to light

It's becoming clearer that nuclear power isn’t the answer to Britain’s energy conundrum...
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VW is preparing for an EV future

Several plants that currently make petrol and diesel cars will be switching to EV manufacturing...
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Spain's 'sunshine tax' is set to be abolished

Great news for a country with abundant sunshine and high grid energy prices...
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Italian cities are set to become much more peaceful

Vespa's new electric addition will change the city soundtrack forever...
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Diesel car sales are falling fast, the same can't be said for EVs and hybrids...

With all the major car manufacturers bringing new EV models to market next year, this trend will surely continue...
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EasyJet is trialling a new 9 seat electric airplane

This trial makes perfect sense and could develop into something bigger...
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DS Automobiles is the latest to announce a new EV model for 2019

180 miles of range, small, luxury and compact - this new EV looks good...
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Bentley and Jaguar Land Rover are seeing a decline in profits

It seems that the world really doesn’t have an endless appetite for thirsty, heavy petrol and diesel powered SUVs...
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How businesses can stop catastrophic climate change and benefit themselves

A damning report from the UN Secretary-General in Bali recently explains how the world must act now to avoid an ‘irreversible catastrophe’...
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