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A solar industry which weans itself off state help is healthier and stronger for it

A solar industry which weans itself off state help is healthier and stronger for it

As ‘green’ energy is a thing very close to the heart of every Guardian reader, it’s no surprise that favoured organ of the left is the only serious paper to lead with the DECC announcements regarding cuts to solar subsidies. You can get the gist here...

We’re fairly sanguine about this; although solar is one of the few energy sources for which subsidies are falling, we think a solar industry which weans itself off state help is  healthier and stronger for it. However, we do get a bit grumpy when the media fails to report subsidies enjoyed by the nuclear industry (and which still aren’t enough of a bung to get anything built) and the oil and gas generators who receive vastly more in free state moolah.

If government removed ALL subsidies from ALL energy sources tomorrow, and let the market decide, the public would quickly realise what fantastic value solar is. Just imagine how grumpy your grandchildren are going to be when they get saddled with the bill for cleaning up nuclear generation sites which have finished producing energy long before they were born.

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