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Agricultural Solar Panel Grants

Agricultural Solar Panel Grants

Running a farm can be a hugely energy-intensive and therefore expensive business to run. From equipment to energy, materials and more, prices have risen to almost unbelievable amounts over the last few years, but this year, the UK Government is looking to help farmers and boost the agricultural sector with a grant that helps reduce the cost of equipment for agriculture businesses based in England.

Here’s all the information you need to know about the Government’s Solar Panel Grants.

What is the new solar panel grant for farms?

At the end of 2023, the UK Government announced its second round of “Improving Farm Productivity” Grants. The second grant differs slightly from the first and hopes to remove much of the confusion that came with the first whilst having a more focused approach. The grants are designed to boost the British Agricultural Sector by helping with costs attributed to equipment such as robotic and automatic machinery, as well as the purchase, installation, and use of solar equipment. The agricultural solar panel grants are designed to get more farms and businesses using green energy, which not only helps the UK hit its Carbon Neutral goal by 2050, but also helps reduce overall energy costs, saving many businesses money and boosting the sector and economy. 

Who can apply?

The grant is open to any farmers or horticulturalists in England, providing the equipment is also used in England too.

Who can’t apply?

Unfortunately, the grant is not applicable to anyone outside of England, even if they’re within the UK. If the recipient of the grant is based outside of England but is a resident, the work can only be completed when the materials are within the country (e.g you can’t be an English business but use the grant outside of England). It also can’t be used by forestry businesses, contractors, governmental departments, executive agencies, or non-departmental public bodies. Contractors based in England are able to apply for the technology part of the grant but aren’t eligible to apply for the solar grant.

What solar systems can the grant be used for?

The Solar grant can be used for a variety of equipment including Solar photovoltaic panels, solar batteries and storage, solar/ photovoltaic inverter, consumption meters, electrical grid connections and power diverters. However, the panels themselves may only be installed on either farm building rooftops or irrigation reservoirs and cannot be placed anywhere else on the property or land. It also can’t be used to repair or add to existing solar panels.

What can’t the grant be used for?

The grant should not be considered the same as a traditional business grant. It can’t be used to pay debts or cover building costs. It also cannot be used for hiring, marketing, or training, even if any of these are relevant to the new equipment.

How does the grant work?

For solar equipment, the grant available starts at £15,000, with the maximum being up to £100,000. However, the grant will only cover up to 25% of the cost of said items. For instance, if the cost of the installation and equipment is £100,000, the grant will cover £25,000 of the costs, but the rest must be covered by the business. Before applying in full, businesses must fill in an online checker form, which will assess your eligibility and the likelihood of success. If you are eligible, this will determine whether you are invited to submit a full application, which will then allow you to progress. The online checker will be open from January 2024 and will run until the 21st March of the same year, in which time businesses will have been informed whether or not they are able to apply for the grant.

Agricultural Solar Solutions with Mypower

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