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All vehicles will be electric by 2025 says economy expert

Bold and dramatic predictions have been made by Stanford University economist Tony Seba. In only 8 years’ time we will see no more ICE cars on our roads – in fact we won’t even see a human in control of a vehicle.

All cars will be self-drive electric vehicles, which will result in the demise of fossil fuels and all car dealerships. Some of what Professor Seba predicts seems rather far-fetched and for all this to happen in only 8 years will take some doing.

If what is predicted here is to take off, electricity demand will be highly tried. Renewables will be absolutely essential, particularly solar. All of these EVs will need charging somehow and what better way to do this than charging from rooftop solar PV.

Solar panels reduce the cost of charging an EV by 60%, this reduction figure will increase as electricity suppliers constantly up their prices. Read more on EV charging.

You can read more of Professor Seba’s predictions at The Telegraph.

All vehicles will be electric by 2025 says economy expert

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