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Big announcement about Tesla's new Superchargers

CleanTechnica has breaking news about Tesla’s new generation of Superchargers; the V3 chargers, about to be rolled out at all new supercharger locations, will allow charging at 1000 miles per hour from a dedicated 250kW charge to each charger (at present, the charge capability is shared between two chargers so the rate of charge can slow considerably if both have cars charging).

The charging arms race is hotting up – Porsche already has a 350kW charger albeit only at its HQ in Germany -  and anyone developing a charging network from scratch will have to reach these speeds to be relevant.  

What this means for the driver is that charging will be as quick as refuelling with petrol or diesel and with less noxious fuel residue on your hands and shoes.  

You can read the story here...


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