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British manufacturing under threat due to rising electricity costs

More special pleading from the EEF who seem to have woken up to something that most of us spotted years ago;  if your domestic hydrocarbons are dwindling and you have to compete with faster growing developing economies for foreign energy resources then your energy costs are going to rise.  Hardly rocket science.

Our customers tend to take a more dynamic view.  By investing in their own electricity generation on their roof,  they are forward buying their electricity for the next twenty five years for as little as 5.5p per unit.  And that’s before any FiT income is added to the equation.  Companies who generate,  own and control a significant amount of their electricity demand will enjoy a competitive advantage over those who are exposed to the vagaries of the global energy market.

If you want to discuss how your business can be protected from energy price risks,  it’ll cost nothing to talk to us
You can read the EEF’s whinge in full here…

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