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Calls for car tax hike to help cut emissions

Calls for car tax hike to help cut emissions

People living in Britain’s towns and cities have been appreciating a phenomenon hitherto only enjoyed by their ancestors;  clean air.

The lockdown has reduced vehicle traffic,  aviation and emissions from the remaining coal fired generators as reduced demand for electricity and record output from wind and solar has rendered them mothballed.  All of which has resulted in lower air pollution and people seem to like it.  There is now a growing clamour to try and maintain clear air as the status quo,  the natural order of things.  The voices  demanding that the government bring forward the phasing out of new petrol and diesel  cars,  from  2040 to 2035 or even earlier are getting louder.

A report from the Committee on Climate Change,  an independent group of government advisors,  has called for increased fuel duty (citing the current low prices) and the ban on new ICE sales to come in in 2032.

Autocar reports on this influential report here

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