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Clean energy home ends 12-month trial with surplus

Clean energy home ends 12 month trial with surplus

Now this really is interesting.  

A house built by researchers at the American National Institute of Standards and Technology has proved that a regular house for regular families can be self sufficient in energy.   In fact,  the house produced a surplus of electricity over and above that used by its inhabitants.

What is striking about the house is that it is no odd-looking space age concept;  it’s a normal looking family home of regular dimensions (regular for the US,  that is;  at 252m2 it’s almost two and a half times the size of the average UK new build).   A regular family of four have been living in it for a year and have been doing all the stuff that regular families do like watching TV and charging laptops and phones.

This technology would make its way into new houses here if planning rules were relaxed and we could spend more on the fabric of the building rather than on the value of the land.  We could then raise two fingers to  both the grasping utilities which supply our energy and the blinkered nimbys who would rather see their children become debt slaves to the banks than contemplate new housing.

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