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Coal is king no more

Solar and wind power are now the cheapest new sources of energy generation in all major economies barring Japan.

Bloomberg has annonced the results of its cost-competitiveness, global assessment of power generating technologies, which confirms that coal is now looking more like the joker than the king.

In one of the world's largest economies, India, new solar and onshore wind plants are half the price of new coal plants. The UK government is currently making a dog's dinner out of Hinkley Point, which is set to cost the taxpayer billions (if it does go ahead), when the much lower cost alternative is staring them right in the face.

Huge improvements in battery storage have increased the longevity of solar and wind, allowing them to perform on cloudy days or when the wind is mild. This has enabled both to compete and seemingly overtake coal power.

Read more at Clean Technica.

Low cost (and getting cheaper all the time), clean energy vs increasingly expensive, polluting energy is a no brainer really isn't it?

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