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Cutting emissions is going to bankrupt us?

Cutting emissions is going to bankrupt us?

Well,  the climate change lobby will probably demand that he be burnt at the stake for heresy but Matt Ridley suggests it today’s Times that the rush to slash carbon outputs will bankrupt the country.

We have some sympathy for his view but would observe that continued dependence on imported hydro carbons will beggar our nation as well.  Yes,  a move away from centralised,  grid based electricity generation is going to be disruptive,  but we only have to look at the economic bounce we’re enjoying since the oil price slide. 

Ridley also trots out the slightly tired but equally valid line about renewables being slightly less than useful when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining.  We say chill,  Matt;   advances in battery technology will take care of that.  Some of the best brains in the world are busily solving this problem as we speak (see our news story about James Dyson’s latest investment) .

Read the full article at The Times.

Meanwhile,  if we were Matt Ridley,  we wouldn’t be looking at out Twitter feed today;  the climate change lobby isn’t known for it’s tolerance of views which oppose their own. We love this quote about the debate about man made global warming though;   ‘carbon dioxide is not the most urgent problem facing humanity, compared with war, extremism, poverty and disease. But most presidents, popes and film stars think it is, so I must be wrong..'

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