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Apple, Samsung and Tesla are all investing in effective electricity storage methods

Apple, Samsung and Tesla are all investing in effective electricity storage methods

Effective electricity storage is the holy grail for our industry; once we can properly store all the electricity we produce outside of working hours, the commercial arguments for PV become even more compelling.

We did a lot of work on this a couple of years ago with Samsung, who had developed a 10kWp Li-on battery which ticked all the boxes except for the rather important area of compatibility with the UK’s electricity supply. That unit was the size of a domestic fridge/freezer. Newer developments are a quarter of the size and Tesla are promising to show something market ready next week

You can read about Tesla's home and utility-scale battery at BPVA.

Given what they have done with batteries for their cars, their credibility stock is high. From June we are going to be offering their car chargers to commercial customers and the advantage of battery storage is obvious;  our customers use all the energy their PV produces during the working day. The PV continues to produce electricity when the offices are closed and at weekends. If, instead of being sold to the grid (for a miserly 5p a unit) this electricity can be stored in a battery then it can be used to charge the car’s battery.   

Apple are also reported to be investing huge sums in R&D in battery technology and we can expect the costs and efficiencies to improve rapidly, just as they have with PV.

We will have one here as soon as they are available and we will report updates on its performance regularly.

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