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Do You Need a Commercial Solar Battery Storage System?

Over the last ten years alone, solar energy usage has experienced an average annual growth rate of around 24%. As the world turns to the power of the sun to help reduce their carbon footprint and reduce our reliance on expensive fossil fuels, many people are seeing additional benefits too. Depending on your usage and needs, a solar battery storage system may offer you even more out of your solar panels, including saving money, energy stability, potential profit-making schemes and more. 

Can Solar Batteries Be Used for Commercial Use?

Absolutely. Business properties will generally have a higher need for more reliable and consistent power than homeowners. Whilst no one wants a power outage anywhere, businesses will have equipment, computers, servers and security systems that require 24/7 power, and may be damaged or cause human harm if powered off suddenly. This is why having solar batteries as a backup can be so helpful for businesses as they can guarantee a safety net all year round.

What Size Solar Battery Do I Need?

The size of the battery depends on the size of the property and the usage your panels get. A simplistic view is to get a battery that is at least twice your overall daily usage. This gives you plenty of backup should you need it, but of course, if you have the budget, there is no harm in going for something bigger.  However, there are a number of other considerations that can impact the battery solution and associated cost, such as how much power is required at any one point in time e.g. industrial saws will pull a significant amount of power in a short space of time, so the battery needs to be able to deliver power at this rate.

You also need to consider what you will use the battery for, for example, purely as a backup power supply or as a ‘reservoir’ to store excess solar generation, rather than exporting and selling to the grid.  

Benefits of a Commercial Solar Battery Storage System

More onsite consumption of local renewable generation

Not every country has sunshine all year round, and this can have a negative impact on your solar panels success, as of course, they require sunlight to function. Having solar batteries means you’re able to store the excess power you may have received during sunnier weather and use it in times where there’s little to no sunshine such as overcast weather, long winters or just those grey days. It can also help in sudden extreme weather situations such as unexpected storms.

If your solar panels are creating more power than you’re able to both use and store, you’re able to sell this energy back into the power grid, creating additional income for your company. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint

By having a full solar power system for your business, you’re reducing the need to turn to more traditional power sources that can be a drain on the planet. By harnessing the power of sunlight, and storing what you have left over, you’re using a much greener, safer and healthier form of energy that means you and your business are reducing your carbon footprint and making a positive impact on the world. By being able to present your business as green and potentially carbon neutral to prospective clients, you’re also improving your brand image in the eyes of the public, which can improve reputation and potentially bring in more clients. 

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