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Dyson releases details on its entry into the EV market

Dyson has filed publicly available patent applications for its planned entry into the EV market. The first model appears to be a Range Rover sized SUV which will be joining a crowded market of electric SUVs in 2021; Tesla, Audi, Daimler Benz and Jaguar will already be established in the market by the time the Dyson car is expected to launch.

Many in the auto industry have been sceptical of Dyson’s ability to bring a car to market but then this is the same auto industry which disregarded Tesla as a threat to their markets until it was too late; Dyson’s advantage will be its decades of experience in getting more and more efficiency from electric motors. Most talk about EV range is centred on the battery size but if Dyson’s expertise in motor efficiency can wring more miles out of a kWh of battery stored electricity then the batteries could be smaller and a virtuous cycle evolves.

Read the story in CityAM here.



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