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Earth Day 2022: Going Solar to Fight Climate Change

Earth Day is an annual event that takes place on 22nd April each year. It is a day that is set aside to raise awareness of the plight of the planet and support global environmental protection. Each year, many events are organised on Earth Day to make people aware of the environmental challenges that we are facing around the world.

Lowering our carbon footprints and doing what we can to look after the planet is something that everybody needs to get involved in, from individuals to businesses, to national governments. From tiny changes in our daily routines to investing in green power, there is plenty that we can do, and one major factor that we can change is by embracing and increasingly using the power of the sun – solar energy.

Solar Power

Solar power is energy that is generated by nuclear fusion from the sun. This energy can then be converted into electricity that can be used by us in our everyday lives. One of the most beneficial aspects to the generation of solar power is that it can be carried out through enormous solar power plants or by individuals in their own commercial premises or houses.

Solar power is harvested using photovoltaic cells using a process that involves the absorption of the sunlight and converting it into electricity that can be used  by your business to help power your machinery, computers and lighting. Any excess electricity generated can be sold to an energy company, or if it makes commercial sense, can be stored in a battery for later use. Despite the fact that we are not blessed with the sunniest weather in the UK, solar energy is still a great way to generate power.

Photovoltaic solar panels are installed in places that receive the most sunlight – commonly on the roof of a home or commercial property.

Solar Power for Commercial Properties

For most people, when they think about installing solar panels, imagine them on domestic properties or in large solar power plants. Solar power can also be a great option for businesses for several different reasons.


First and foremost, using solar power is a greener option than burning fossil fuels for energy. In a world where we all need to be doing what we can to be kinder to the planet, solar power can make a valuable contribution to the solution of the problem that we are facing as a planet.


The price of energy is rising drastically, and we are all looking for ways to not only reduce the amount of energy that we are using but also the amount that we are paying out on energy. One of the biggest reasons for deciding to install solar is for financial gain. At current installation costs, a solar PV system delivers electricity at a rate of around 5p per kWh including Operations & Maintenance costs. This compares with the current grid supplied rate in the UK of approximately 25-30p per unit.

In many cases, your business solar panel system will return enough benefit to achieve a positive cash flow within twenty-four months when you finance the capital outlay.


In terms of energy, the world is a very fragile place at the moment. We are being shown at the moment that we cannot always rely on other countries to supply the energy that is needed to power our businesses (and domestic energy) and one of the biggest benefits of solar energy is that we can produce it ourselves.

This means that we can gain extra energy security by generating our own, helping us to ensure that we have enough energy at the times that we need it.


Having a reputation for being ‘eco-friendly’ has never been more important. Customers are increasingly looking for businesses with similar ethics and morals, and scrutinising their green credentials is now commonplace. By contributing to your own energy creation, you can show that you are serious about the future of the planet, your impact on it, and those around you.

Staff Morale

We all like to work for a company that we are proud of. It can help to instil a happier, more productive workforce, and improve staff morale. By showing your care for everything around you – such as the environment, your staff will also be proud of your business and your efforts, helping to maintain a happy workforce and improved staff retainment.

As Earth Day 2022 approaches, it is important for all of us to look at what we can do to improve the world that we live in. Embracing solar power is an excellent way that businesses can help, not only aiding the planet but also enjoying the other benefits that it has to offer.

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