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There has been a surge in electric and hybrid car sales this year

There has been a surge in electric and hybrid car sales this year

Electric and hybrid cars are going mainstream. Stats out from the SMMT show that sales of these cars in the year to May are up four fold on last year’s number at around 12,000.

Yes, it’s a small percentage of total car sales, but this surge suggests that consumers are over the anxieties about range and charging and this will become a virtuous cycle. More electric cars being sold leads to more investment in charging infrastructure which in turn leads to more electric cars being sold. This will be both disruptive and transformative to the established auto industry. Some in the trade are well aware of the changes this will bring, and we’re talking to some major forecourt operators about how this move away from petrol and diesel could be an opportunity. Fuel stations have lots of roof space which could be used for solar generation.The electricity can then be stored for on site car chargers. Couple this with an attractive coffee shop and convenience offer and the business model evolves instead of dying out.

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