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Tesla promises electric car revolution

We’re big fans of Elon Musk.  His Tesla brand will be seen as the reason why electric cars eventually went mainstream.  Not by making them appeal to the self-righteous,  knit-your-own- yoghurt types who bought Toyota’s gimmicky Prius,  but by making them fast,  expensive and desirable.  His business model has been massively disruptive to the established way of doing things.  The fact that franchised dealers in several US states,  who  make large and regular donations to US politicians,  have joined forces with those very  same politicians to try and stop Tesla selling their cars  is telling.

This new plan to equip motorway service stations with fast charging points will go a long way to make these cars a real alternative to petrol and diesel engines.  The next step must surely be to cover the vast car parking areas in these service areas with PV and couple that generational capacity with the new generation of Li-on batteries which Musk’s company will be producing in the US.

This offers the tantalising prospect of virtually free motoring.  At the very least,  there will be no fuel duties to pay if you are not buying fuel.  There is currently no road tax to pay on electric cars either although we have no doubt that venal politicians will soon backtrack on that one once they see take up of electric cars increasing.

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