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Energy Performance Certificates

Commercial landlords and institutional property companies will need to be aware of some changes being made to Energy Performance Certificates.

In 2018 it will become illegal to let a residential or commercial property to a tenant if the Energy Performance Certificate for the property shows an energy rating of less than “E”, and it is expected that shortly after this is imposed the minimum required rating may increase to “D”. This means that it may be necessary for remedial works to be carried out in order to continue to let a property. This proposition may yet change, if for example there is a change of Government, but for the moment the existing Government appears committed to this course of action.

The Government is also rumoured to be proposing changes to the commercial rates payable where a property has a poor energy efficiency rating. This could lead to an increased amount being payable on property with lower ratings and a reduced sum being payable by property with higher, more efficient ratings. We are told that this may be implemented later this year although there are no concrete plans at present.

We can help you plan ways to make your property compliant with these new rules and make it more attractive to potential tenants.  Businesses are constantly telling us that rising energy costs are one of their biggest headaches and a property with self generation capacity installed will always be more attractive than one without.