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Energy security and self sufficiency to drive UK up take of solar energy

Energy security and self sufficiency to drive UK up take of solar energy

We’ve always been of the view that the market will decide the future of energy sources,  not carbon targets decreed by increasingly (globally) irrelevant organisations as the EU.  A piece by Nick Butler in today’s FT illustrates just how fast this is happening.  Citing a report by Wood MacKenzie,  it suggests that solar will reach grid parity with other (hydrocarbon) sources of electricity in nineteen US states within five years.  And,  as the article observes,  the US has very cheap energy.    This particular passage really caught our eye...

Solar power that doesn’t require subsidies will be very attractive for many countries, not least those concerned with the dangers of dependence on foreign supplies and those with problems on the balance of payments. Not every country can generate significant amounts of solar power, but many can and will have every incentive to do so.

The UK certainly falls into that camp,  as does most of western Europe.  Energy security and self sufficiency will drive the increasing take up of solar energy,  not arbitrary carbon targets or increased subsidies.  Technological advancements in cell efficiency and battery storage will help things along as will belligerent Russian tactics and perennial argy bargy in the Middle East.

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