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UK factories shut down to avoid high power costs

If businesses aren’t convinced by the investment case for installing their own energy generation capacity,  then this story in the FT presents a compelling operational argument.

The prospect of UK’s exporting industries being held to ransom by the energy companies should be one that sends a chill down the spine of government ministers.  This is a real consequence of the UK failing to put in place a coherent energy policy and further proof,  if more were needed,  that something as fundamentally vital as energy security cannot be left in the hands of politicians with an eye only on the next election.  The result is the farce of a world beating company such as Sheffield Forgemasters being charged “…£27.00 just to boil a kettle..’

Business will ignore this at their peril.  If your company has high electricity usage and a large roof,  come and talk to us about how to help secure your energy supply.

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