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Former Energy Minster pleas for government to bankroll expensive Swansea tidal lagoon

We’re always sceptical when government ministers try to convince us that paying over the odds for their pet project is in our best interests. The FT reports on former Energy Minister Charles Hendry’s plea that the government should bankroll the hugely expensive Swansea tidal lagoon.

With the taxpayer (and electricity consumer) already on the hook for the increasingly expensive and irrelevant Hinkley C, and with the cost of off-shore wind and solar continuing to fall, we’re hardly in need of increased capacity to generate very expensive electricity.  

It’s a great idea and, with the UK’s long shoreline and high tidal reach, not to mention the reliability of the tide,  this technology may one day have its place in the energy mix. But not if it requires future generations of electricity consumers to subsidise it.

You can read the FT report here.

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