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Fuel forecourt operators have a serious choice to make with EV charging

We’ve long been of the view that the transition to EVs offers fuel forecourt operators a stark choice; evolve or die. Petrol stations are ideal for EV charging. They’re already on prime, roadsite sites, they have space for coffee shops and convenience retail and they invariably have roof top and canopy space which can be covered with solar  to generate the electricity needed. The huge, and utterly redundant underground fuel tanks would be a great place to site batteries to store excess daytime energy for use during the night. Shell have already made moves in this direction but across the industry, there is a collective sticking of heads in the sand.

Tesla may be in the process of stealing the fuel industry’s lunch. New Supercharger facilities opening in California have (as well as 40 very fast charging points)  

“In Kettleman City, California, we built a dedicated Supercharger customer lounge—the first of its kind in the world. It includes access to food and craft beverages, restrooms, comfortable seating, WiFi, and Tesla apparel is available for sale. The new customer lounge also features a kid’s play wall, pet relief area and outdoor space for families.”

Those thirty minutes of charge time will fly by….

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