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further support for renewable heating

Renewable Energy

Further support for renewable heating

We welcome further support for renewable heating. Anything that helps companies wean themselves off a dangerous dependence on imported oil and gas has to be a good thing.  However,  we’re less sure that incentivising massive schemes such as Drax to burn imported wood pellet from the US is really all that sensible.

Some greater urgency in recognising the energy potential in what we throw away would be welcome.  Using waste as an energy source,  at source,  is incredibly efficient.  Fewer waste collections means lower costs and  reduced CO2 emissions and helps achieve the Government’s stated aim of zero landfill.

We can help you turn your clinical,  hazardous and food wastes into energy,  removing the cost of disposal and replacing some of your energy spend.  Do get in touch if the concept of turning a cost centre into a commodity appeals…

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