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General Motors launch the Chevrolet Bolt

General Motors launch the Chevrolet Bolt

Ok, it’s no looker but GM have launched what is probably the first real, mass market electric car. The Chevrolet Bolt.

Costing $30,000 in the US, so around £24,000, the bolt offers 238 miles of range, so it’s a properly usable EV which might take a lot of sales from the Golf/Prius segment.

We should expect something similar wearing a Vauxhall badge over here next year. Whether it will share the name of the late and wholly unlamented Ampera remains to be seen.  

You can get chapter and verse on the new Chevrolet here.

If you have decided that its now time to switch to electric motoring, we can help with installing your chargers;  read all about it here.

General Motors launch the Chevrolet Bolt

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