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Germany, Austria and Norway to have 400 ultra fast charging stations by 2020

It’s been some months since VW, Daimler Benz, Ford and BMW announced an alliance to roll out high speed charging points across Europe; we now have tangible details of how this will look. 100 new ultra fast charging stations will be installed across Germany, Austria and Norway by the end of next year. They expect to have 400 of these operational by 2020.

400 ultra fast charging stations by 2020At 350kW, this infrastructure will allow much faster charging than Tesla’s supercharger network will offers a maximum of 145kW. This is important as it will allow EVs with 300+ miles of range, such as Porsche’s Mission E, to charge to over 80% in only 15 minutes.  

This is an important development; all four of the marques involved have ambitious EV plans. But anyone buying a Mission E or a Bentley Speed 6E will have to compete for charging space at low power public chargers with Nissan Leaf drivers. They won’t like that and will want the fast,  exclusive charging infrastructure that Tesla provides for its customers. This joined up plan will provide that and brings the day when electric car buyers have the same ease of refuelling options as ICE cars.

Read the full details here.

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