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Government forecast a rapid change in UK's electricity landscape

The rapid pace at which the UK's electricity landscape is changing is outlined in a government forecast. Large scale battery storage is very much on the up, as costs come down, and gas fired generation will decrease whilst carbon capture plants, that most mythical of all the energy panaceas discussed lots by politicians but dismissed by those who actually know about this stuff, disappears off the radar.

This confirms that the UK is going to get more and more of its electricity from wind and sun and the issue of intermittence will be dealt with by battery storage. The owners of wind turbines and solar systems will be the energy majors of the future. Your business can either buy their electricity at whatever price they demand or it can generate its own - at around 4.5p per unit.

Read about the changing shape of our electricity supplies here.

Find out how to explore what possibilities this throws up for your business here..

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