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How Often Should Your Businesses Solar Panels Be Serviced?

Having a business and owning solar panels can be a big investment. To benefit from long-term, it's necessary to ensure that you maintain them. Throughout their lifetime, solar panels will require cleaning and maintenance. Because over time, the performance of the solar cells can be harmed by a build of dust and the effects of the weather. Your solar panels will always operate at their best if you maintain them.

Solar power operates best when it is carefully managed and maintained, just like you would with any other investments. You'll save the most money from solar arrays that are operating at full capacity.

Checking & Monitoring

Depending the environment where your panels are installed e.g. if there is a prevalence of gulls near to your business is worthwhile have both a proactive and reactive maintenance contract in place.  One way of simply checking whether your system is performing to expectations is to regularly check your generation meter or solar PV monitoring platform to see if the system is producing the expected level of electricity that your system designer and installer projected.

For some systems, in some environment, routine physical inspection of the panels may be necessary. Checking the panels to make sure there isn't any surface build-up of moss or lichen. This can lessen the power outage if the panels aren't clean.

There are some handy tips you may want to make a note of in helping you to maintain your solar panels.

  • Keep solar panels out of the shade; they will produce electricity inefficiently if they can't absorb any sunlight.
  • Observe the solar panels and check to see if the green inverter lights are flickering.
  • Monitoring gadgets will allow you to know how much CO2e you are avoiding emitting into the atmosphere by generating through solar PV. If they are not blinking, you are losing money since you are no longer making up for your energy usage..
  • Installing netting, "bird barriers," or bird deterrent kits is an excellent way to stop birds from damaging your solar panels.
  • You can install mesh, netting, or wire strips to prevent birds from nesting below your solar panels once they are in place. The accumulation of environmental "hazards" like twigs near your panels is also lessened by these.
  • Solar power maintenance may not be necessary thanks to the absence of moving parts that could rust or malfunction.
  • A wall-mounted display lets you view details about your solar panels' maintenance.

Cleaning Solar Panels

Regular cleaning can help keep your panels operating at their best. The majority of solar PV (photovoltaic) cells operate most effectively when they are clear of debris and are clean. In some cases, dust might cover the cells over time, decreasing the quantity of sunlight they can absorb. It’s typically advised that you clean your solar panels two to four times a year.

It's recommended that you service your solar panels at least once a year. Doing this you'll be able to keep on top of any nasty surprises financially, whilst making sure that the panels are generating enough power to save money on your bills.

Solar Maintenance

Many solar panel manufacturers and installers provide a maintenance package or contract if you are concerned about keeping your solar panels serviced.

Regular solar maintenance includes the following services:

  • Visually inspecting the panels to look for any potential weather, animal, or other external damage.
  • Examining the meter, the inverter, and other components. ensuring that the solar panels on your roof are functional.
  • Verify the current and voltage.
  • Examining the roof's condition. ensuring that the roof is still secure and safe for the location where the solar panels must be.
  • Research on energy production. This would be to ensure that you are still receiving efficient electricity from the solar panels.

There is relatively minimal servicing and maintenance needed because solar panels don't have any moving parts. Keeping your solar panels producing effectively to maintain no interruptions. You'll be relieved to learn that they're comparatively simple to maintain. Additionally, your system will repay you with around approximately 30 years of solar energy they will work at their peak efficiency as a result, and you'll spend less on energy bills overall, saving your business more money.

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