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Jaguar Land Rover could be all electric in five to seven years

Autocar reports that the bosses at Jaguar Land Rover are mulling the possibility of making the #Jaguar brand all electric within the next five to seven years.

Having seen Tesla prove that there is a big market for expensive, all electric sedans, Jaguar is well placed to offer a credible alternative. The brand is already well known for stylish cars and has been the first of the mainstream marques to bring a real, from the ground up EV to market. Orders for the (oddly named) I-Pace are flowing in and the brand’s larger V6 and V8 engines are likely to attract increasingly penal levels of taxation. Sales of the diesel models have already been hit hard.

Jaguar Land Rover could be all electric in five to seven yearsThis could be a real game changer for the industry and will increase the pressure on peer brands who have made token efforts towards electricfication thus far, preferring to milk the last drop of profit from their ICE ranges.  

You can read the #Autocar story here...

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