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Landlord Takes Heat Out Of Energy Bills

Solar panels burn hole in cost

A Cornish landlord is reaping the benefits of installing solar power on his agricultural buildings to secure the energy supply and cut bills. He has had 1,470 panels fitted to three roofs, which should earn and save him more than £2 million over 20 years.

The work should be paid for in just over six years with the landlord seeing a return on his investment from day one. The landlord commissioned Mypower, which has a base in Devon, to design, project manage and install the panels. MyPower's manager, Ben Harrison, and his team took the workload off him.

Mypower’s qualified surveyor dealt with the whole project including the Western Power upgrade and consent to connect, structural survey, Energy Performance Certificate, planning, system design, product procurement and supply, installation, Feed in Tariff applications and forms, Power Purchase Agreement to sell surplus power back to grid and liaised with solicitor in connection with matters concerning the sale of power to tenant.

The customer was consulted at every stage but coordinated and driven by Mypower. “I didn’t believe it was going to be so straight forward and involve so little of my time, all I had to do was listen, take advice from my accountant and sign the cheques! Ben organised everything”.

Businesses and home owners are switching to solar power as fears rise over gas shortages and rationing, coupled with spiralling energy costs. Mypower, which is also based in Toddington, Gloucestershire, has record orders as customers act to safeguard their energy supplies, cut bills and earn over 14% in the first year on capital invested.

Mr. Harrison said: “We have record orders and a pipeline of contracts in excess of 3 mega watts. Our customers are now looking to protect themselves against increases in energy costs in the short and long-term as the facts behind Britain’s energy security vulnerability are becoming more widely known.

“SolarPV is a great option for businesses, homeowners, organisations and clubs as it’s a green and long-term option. It also makes sense economically. Installing solar PV offers a fantastic return on investment. It pays for itself over a relatively short time and then you can start enjoying the savings. The sun is free and, despite the poor summer of 2012, the sun is still doing it’s job and providing solar power, often achieving 5% more output then predicted”

Now is the right time to buy as the cost of solar panels has halved in the past 2 years but is starting to slowly rise again.

Mr. Harrison said: “Now is a tremendous time to buy. The cost of the panels has reduced by 50 per cent in 24 months and has now bottomed out. Modest price increases are starting to occur as manufacturers can no longer cope with the losses sustained during the highly-competitive previous year."

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